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Enables customers to create, publish, and distribute media content on mobile devices.

SMI’s Proprietary server and mediation platform offers excellent advertising and sponsorship opportunities

SMS massive campaigns Segmented by country or state campaigns with 4 digits short-codes using the biggest cell phone operator network (Telcel) with millions of users.
Content Creation In audio and video format in campaigns for diffusion in different social media.

Audience Engagement Platforms

Applications development

(iOS & Android)

For content dissemination, lead generation or as a Internal communication tool, through APPS with controlled users.


SMI has developed proprietary direct click-to-buy technology linking Ads to private marketplaces

Program Marketing Tools

Radio / Digital broadcast

Reaching thousands of active users (live radios, podcasts and streaming) Mexico, USA as well as other countries of Central and South America.

Creating content with your new radio broadcast live or loop content, or brand bottom to be published in a preferential place in the APPS of Claro Music / Radios.

Target strategy

Through digital platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn using a specific strategy vs company goals.

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